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  • Tobaliq Black Turbo

    Tobaliq Black TurboTobaliq Black Turbo
  • Champ Quattro

    Champ Quattro aansteker Champ Quattro aansteker 4 kleuren
  • Prof Turbo

    Prof Turbo aanstekerProf Turbo aansteker kleuren
  • Prof. Jet

    Prof jet aanstekerProf jet aansteker kleuren
  • Champ High Extreme

    Champ High Extreme Champ High Extreme doos
  • Silver Match Quattro

    Silver Match QuattroSilver Match Quattro
  • Champ Dual Skull

    Champ Dual SkullChamp Dual Skull
  • Atomic Metal

    Atomic Metal AanstekerAtomic Metal Aansteker zij
  • PYRO Gloves

    PYRO GlovesPYRO Gloves
  • Premium PYRO Hoodie

    Premium PYRO HoodiePremium PYRO Hoodie
  • 5x Prof Slidecap

    Prof wegwerpaansteker 5xProf wegwerpaansteker 5x kleuren
  • Silver Match Deluxe

    Silver Match DeluxeSilver Match Deluxe

Something for everyone

Buy lighters?

At PyroProducts you have come to the right place when it comes to buying a lighter. We have a wide range , ranging from small lighters to larger gas burners .

Our lighters are suitable for everyday use. Ideal for the smoker, but also very suitable for households with a wood stove or the real chef in the kitchen.

Our lighters

Other fire items

In addition to a collection of refillable lighters, we recently launched an outdoor collection. With currently only 1 product, namely a wood splitter.

This wood splitter is ideal for making kindling. This comes with a free lighter.

We also have special lighter gas that is suitable for refilling your lighters. This way you are always provided with properly working lighters.

How do I know which one to get?

Which lighter you need depends on the purpose of use. If you want to take it with you every day, we recommend that you look at our smaller lighters in the range.

If you plan to use the lighter in the kitchen, for example for creme brulee, you can look at the medium-sized lighters.

If you really want to get started with fire for the BBQ, fireplace or in the garden with a campfire, you can look at our larger lighters.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Pyro' is the Greek word for 'fire'. It is often used in various contexts, such as 'pyrotechnics', which refers to the art of making and using fire(work). The Greek word 'pyro' carries a powerful meaning of warmth, energy and vitality, and is often used symbolically to describe passion, courage and creativity."

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer a service to provide a print on your lighter immediately upon ordering.

From higher quantities for companies, we offer special stickers on our lighters. Please contact our team for this.

> Contact us

Netherlands: Ordered before 11:00 PM on workdays will be delivered tomorrow.

Belgium: Ordered before 7:30 PM = delivered the next working day.

Germany: 1-2 working days
Austria: 2-3 working days

For other European countries, see shipping information at checkout.

Netherlands: For shipping within the Netherlands you pay €2.95, from €30 shipping is free.

Belgium:For shipping to Belgium you pay €4.95, from €30 shipping is free.

Germany:For shipping to Germany you pay €4.95 , shipping is free from €50.

Austria: For shipping to Austria you pay €6.95, shipping is free from €75.

Denmark: For shipping to Denmark you pay €6.95, from €75 shipping is free.

Italy:For shipping to In Italy you pay €7.95, from €75 shipping is free.

Spain: For shipping to Spain you pay €7.95, from €75 shipping is free.

Portugal:For shipping to Portugal you pay €7.95, from €75 shipping is free.

Poland: For shipping to Poland you pay €6.95, from €75 shipping is free.

For other European countries, see shipping information at checkout.

The PyroProducts service

We have several advantages to convince you to order from us. But ultimately we believe that our appearance says it all. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer quality, plus fast delivery throughout Europe. When you purchase our product you always receive a quality guarantee. Our customer service is always available for specific questions about our range, delivery times or other matters.

When putting together our collections, we have given priority to quality and reliability. All products are of very high quality, so you don't have to worry about them breaking down.