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  • Tobaliq Black Turbo

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  • Champ Quattro

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  • Champ High Quattro

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  • Eurojet Quattro

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  • Prof Turbo

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  • Tobaliq Dual

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  • Zippo Jet Lighter

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  • Champ High Extreme

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  • Champ High Metal

    Champ High MetalChamp High Metal
  • Atomic Metal

    Atomic MetalAtomic Metal

Quality for the kitchen

Crème Brûlée branders

It is clear that when preparing a perfect crème brûlée, the art of caramelization plays a crucial role. A high-quality crème brûlée torch is essential to prepare this delicacy to perfection.

Each burner has been designed with the utmost care, with quality and craftsmanship paramount. Thanks to their precision flame and advanced features, they provide optimal control over the caramelization process.

How do these lighters work?

A kitchen burner like this one provides you with a strong butane flame that will reach a temperature of about 1300 degrees Celsius. With the help of this crème brûlée burner you will prepare the delicious culinary creation with passion. The high combustion allows you to ensure a nice, even preparation of your creme brulee.

You can also use these lighters to caramelize other foods. Or simply as a lighter for the candles .

What benefits does it bring?

A high-quality crème brûlée burner offers a range of benefits that are essential for preparing this classic dessert with precision and finesse.

First of all, such a burner provides an precise and even flame, which allows you to caramelize the sugar evenly over the surface of the crème brûlée. This ensures a perfect golden crust without burnt spots.

In addition, a good crème brûlée burner gives you complete control over the temperature, thanks to advanced features such as an adjustable flame. This allows you to tailor the caramelization exactly to your preferences, achieving the desired texture and color of the sugar layer, without ruining the delicate cream underneath.

In addition, they are efficient to use, thanks to direct combustion and temperature. This saves time, especially if you want to prepare several crème brûlées at the same time.

In addition to preparing crème brûlée, it can also be used for other purposes, such as browning meringue, roasting peppers or caramelizing fruit. strong>

Finally, they are built to last and withstand repeated use. This provides peace of mind and confidence when preparing this beloved dessert, knowing that your tools will deliver consistently reliable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in general these burners are safe to use provided they are handled and maintained properly.

However, as with all appliances that use fire, it is important that users exercise caution and take proper safety precautions to avoid burns or other injuries.

This is of course very difficult to give a precise lifespan. If the burner is used properly according to the instructions, you do not have to worry and the burner can certainly last 3-5 years. And in most cases even longer.

All our creme brulee burners require butane gas of 45PSI.

For our lighters, it is best to order our Atomic lighter gas for the best performance. This has the right pressure and therefore your lighter will not refuse.

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What is the best crème-brûlée brander?

Of course, it all depends on what wishes you have for a kitchen burner . We can now name a specific lighter for you, but it may not be according to your wishes. That's why we chose two.

Champ High Extreme

This large gas burner of 18.5 cm high is very suitable as a kitchen burner. It comes in a nice box and has two strong butane flames. Can also be used as a stove lighter or lighter for the BBQ on summer days.
Click here to order it

Champ High Metal

This lighter is a lot smaller than the Extreme, and has a single strength butane flame. It also has a bendable head. This metal lighter is an all-rounder in the kitchen and also very suitable as a lighter for candles.
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Why choose PyroProducts?

With our in-depth expertise, we are confident that we currently offer the best range . Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is reflected in our high-quality products and guaranteed fast delivery throughout Europe.

When you purchase our products you always receive a quality guarantee. Our customer service is always available for questions about our range, delivery times or other matters.

While there are plenty of other benefits we could mention, we let the experience speak for itself and encourage you to purchase one of our burners. With over 800 positive reviews we are confident you won't be disappointed.

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