Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page! Here you will find answers to the most common questions customers ask us. We understand that sometimes you need some extra information before making a purchase, which is why we've created this handy section. Browse the questions and answers to quickly and easily find the information you're looking for. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. 


What is a storm lighter?

A storm lighter can be recognized by a powerful blue flame. It is a lighter that, thanks to the filling of special butane, a flammable gas, creates an intensely hot flame of up to 1300 degrees Celsius. The gas is under high pressure and is therefore not easy to blow out. Hence the name storm lighter.


How long does a lighter last?

Differs per type and brand. Gas lighters and electric lighters are refillable and have a longer lifespan. Average lighters can be used approximately 1500-3000 times. 


Where do I buy gas for a lighter?

First you have to know which gas you need. Most lighters use propane, methyl propane and butane. In our catalog you will find the perfect gas filling for every lighter, especially for storm lighters! 


What age to buy a lighter?

Legally, there is no minimum age for the sale of lighters. Your local store may have its own rules for this. This means they can refuse the sale of tobacco-related items such as lighters. There are also no age rules online.


How long does shipping take?

Do you place your order with us on workdays before 11 p.m.? We will then ship it the same day and your order will be delivered the next day! 

Unfortunately, postal services may be delayed. Once you have received the track and trace, the responsibility lies with the postal services. We apologize if there are any delays, but we ask for your patience. If a shipment takes longer than 72 hours, please contact our customer service.

Ordered Saturday & Sunday? = At home on Tuesday. (NL & BE)

Belgium: Ordered before 7:30 PM = delivered tomorrow! (No delivery on Saturday)

Germany:A shipment to Germany takes 1-2 working days.
Austria:A shipment to Austria takes 2-3 working days.
Other countries:All other countries between 3-10 business days.


is Visco Wick prohibited?

Buying, owning, sending and receiving visco-wick is not permitted in the Netherlands. If you bought this fuse and did not know that it was punishable, the police are calling on you to hand in the fuse to prevent further problems. 


How expensive is a lighter?

An average BIC lighter starts from €1.89 from current to luxury lighter models from around €25. The cheapest storm lighter in our webshop is €4.95.


How do I adjust the flame of a lighter?

This varies per type of lighter. There are actually 2 options for adjusting the flame. Or your lighter has a flat disc that you can push from left (-) to right (+) to adjust the flame. Sometimes there is a circle at the bottom with a ring that you can turn from (-) to (+). 


What is a refillable lighter?

You can refill these lighters with liquid. A refillable lighter can be recognized by a gas valve on the bottom of the lighter. A refillable lighter therefore lasts much longer. 


What is a windproof lighter?

A windproof lighter, also called a storm lighter. Is a lighter that is suitable for strong winds due to its powerful butane flame of 1300 degrees. 


How many degrees is a lighter?

The temperature of a lighter's flame varies depending on the type of gas and lighter type. Most lighters have a flame with a temperature between 1200 and 1300 degrees.


Lighter wick or lighter safer?

When lighting fireworks, always make sure that you follow the official instructions for use of the item in question. A light fuse has been found to be safer because there is no flame. But only a glowing head. 


Can I also collect my order?

Unfortunately, we do not have a physical store where you can pick up orders. Everything goes through the postal services for us.


Can I return my order?

Still regret your purchase within 14 days of receipt? No problem! Then return the products (or part thereof) within 14 days of receiving your order. Complete our returns form for every return. The costs of return shipping are at your own expense.

Return conditions

The following conditions apply to returns:

> If you exercise your right of withdrawal, the product must be returned to us with all accessories supplied and - if reasonably possible - in its original condition and packaging.

> after the 14th day after receipt you are no longer entitled to returns.

*If the product is damaged unnecessarily beyond what is necessary to try the product, we can pass on this depreciation of the product to you. So handle the product with care and ensure that it is properly packaged when returned.

Refund after return

You will receive the money you are entitled to back into your account within 7 working days. If this is not the case, we ask you to contact our customer service directly. 

If there are visible signs of use, missing accessories or missing packaging, you are no longer entitled to the full purchase price.

Download our returns form here .

How long is my reflection period?

You will be given a cooling-off period of 14 days after receipt of the goods purchased "remotely". Still regret your purchase? Then return the products (or part thereof) within 14 days of receiving your order. For more information, see our Shipping & Returns page.


Was my payment/order successful?

After placing and paying for your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. You will usually receive this within 10 minutes. Didn't receive an email within 1 hour? Please contact our customer service.


What can I pay with?

We provide a wide range of payment options. You can pay for your orders with us with: 

  • Credit card(s)
  • Bancontact
  • Ideal
  • Paypal
  • Immediately
  • KBC
  • Belfius
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay 

Do you have an idea for an additional payment option? We are always open to expansion! Feel free to send us a request with the name of the payment provider.