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  • Champ Quattro

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  • Champ High Quattro

    Champ High QuattroChamp High Quattro
  • Champ Dual Skull

    Champ Dual SkullChamp Dual Skull
  • Silver Match Quattro

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  • Tobaliq Dual

    Tobaliq DualTobaliq Dual
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  • Atomic Triple

    Atomic TripleAtomic Triple
  • Eurojet Quattro

    Eurojet Quattro Aansteker - PyroProductsEurojet Quattro Aansteker - PyroProducts
  • 5x Prof Slidecap

    5x Prof Slidecap5x Prof Slidecap
  • Champ High Booster

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  • Atomic Metal

    Atomic MetalAtomic Metal
  • Champ High Metal

    Champ High MetalChamp High Metal
  • Silver Match Deluxe

    Silver Match DeluxeSilver Match Deluxe

Also available with drill!

High-quality cigar lighters

A special type of lighter is often used to light a cigar, namely these special cigar lighters.

They have been specially developed for the enthusiast. Some lighters have a cigar drill or a lighter cap designed as a holder for your cigar. Now choose your favorite lighter and enjoy.

Why a special lighter?

A cigar lighter is special because it ensures even combustion of the cigar, allowing the flavor and aroma to emerge optimally. These gas burners also provide the right temperature for perfect ignition and are often designed with attention to aesthetics and style to match the refined experience of smoking a cigar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cigar lighters are all refillable. We recommend that you order additional gas via the webshop. This way you are assured of the correct gas in the lighter.

This is of course very difficult to give a precise lifespan. If the burner is used properly according to the instructions, you do not have to worry and the burner can certainly last 3-5 years. And in most cases even longer.

Butane gas of 45PSI.

For our lighters, it is best to order our Atomic lighter gas for the best performance. This has the right pressure and therefore your lighter will not refuse.

Netherlands: Ordered before 11:00 PM on workdays will be delivered tomorrow.

Belgium: Ordered before 7:30 PM = delivered the next working day.

Germany: 1-2 working days
Austria: 2-3 working days

For other European countries, see shipping information at checkout.

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For other European countries, see shipping information at checkout.

How do you light a cigar?

Lighting a cigar requires some care and attention to ensure an even burn and good flavor. Follow these steps to properly light a cigar:

Prepare the cigar:

If necessary, cut the end of the cigar with cigar scissors or a special cigar cutter. Make sure you only cut off a small amount of the tip so that the outer wrapper (the wrapper) is not damaged.

Choose the right lighter:

Preferably use a torch lighter or a storm lighter , because they produce a powerful, wind-resistant, even flame. If you use matches, make sure you use extra long matches to protect your fingers from burning. Matches do have a less equal combustion and a low temperature.

Toast the foot of the cigar:

Hold the cigar at an angle of about 45 degrees. Place the lighter flame about 1 to 2 inches below the base of the cigar. Start rolling the cigar slowly and evenly while warming the base. This will cause the tobacco to start glowing.

Hold the cigar in your mouth:

Now place the cigar in your mouth and continue to spin slowly while continuing to heat with the flame. This helps to distribute the heat evenly around the circumference of the cigar.

Light the cigar:

Once the tobacco starts to glow, hold the lighter flame directly over the base of the cigar as you continue to spin. Take a puff every now and then and blow out the excess smoke to prevent the cigar from smoldering.

Check the glowing edge:

Check that the edge of the cigar glows evenly and completely. If this is not the case, gently heat the parts that are not yet burning properly until the glowing edge is completely covered.

Enjoy your cigar:

Now that your cigar is properly lit, you can enjoy it by smoking slowly and relaxing.

The benefits of PyroProducts

We can now come up with numerous advantages to persuade you to order from us. But ultimately we think that appearance is enough. We stand for 100% customer satisfaction, quality and you can always count on very fast delivery throughout Europe. You will always receive a quality guarantee when purchasing our product. Our customer service is also always available for specific questions about our range, delivery times or other issues.

When putting together our collection of lighters, we paid attention to quality and reliability. Our lighters are always of very high quality . This way you don't have to worry about your gas lighter failing when you need it most.

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