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  • Tobaliq Black Turbo

    Tobaliq Black TurboTobaliq Black Turbo
  • Champ Quattro

    Champ QuattroChamp Quattro
  • 5x Prof Slidecap

    5x Prof Slidecap5x Prof Slidecap
  • Atomic Tankboy

    Atomic Tankboy - PyroProductsAtomic Tankboy - PyroProducts
  • Prof Turbo

    Prof TurboProf Turbo
  • Prof. Jet

    Prof. JetProf. Jet
  • Atomic Metal

    Atomic MetalAtomic Metal
  • Champ High Quattro

    Champ High QuattroChamp High Quattro
  • Champ Dual Skull

    Champ Dual SkullChamp Dual Skull
  • Silver Match Quattro

    Silver Match QuattroSilver Match Quattro
  • Tobaliq Dual

    Tobaliq DualTobaliq Dual
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  • Prof Mini

    Prof MiniProf Mini

Lighters known from TikTok

The best Fireworks Lighters

Don't have a cool Firework Lighter yet? Then this is the time to score it! We offer a wide range of lighters that are suitable for lighting fireworks.

Put it on your wish list or choose one right away and enjoy a super good lighter on New Year's Eve!

What is a Fireworks Lighter?

A fireworks lighter with a blue flame is really special! It is a special type of lighter also called a butane lighter , with a cool blue flame. People who love fireworks often use these lighters because they work very well even when the weather is not so good.

The blue flame is made by special fuel that becomes extra hot, making it easier to light more difficult fireworks. The lighters are safe to use. Often safer than a lighter wick or a traditional lighter.

A must-have for New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, a fireworks lighter with a blue flame is indispensable. With its powerful flame up to 1300 degrees Celsius, your fireworks will continue to burn even in windy and rainy conditions. They also have ample gas reserves and offer a greater distance between the flame and the fireworks. This way you are assured of a safe and festive celebration. We have lighters from the brands Champ , Prof , Tobaliq and Zippo

Frequently Asked Questions

Legally there is no minimum age for the sale of lighters. Your local store may have its own rules for this. This means they can refuse the sale of tobacco-related items such as lighters. There are also no age rules online.

Yes, our firework lighters are safe to use as long as they are handled and maintained properly.

However, as with all sources of fire, users should use caution and observe necessary safety precautions to avoid burns or other injuries.

The Tobaliq Black Turbo lighter has been voted the best lighter of 2024. After its enormous success in 2023, this lighter has now been chosen as the best of 2024.

Due to its elongated shape and excellent flame, the lighter is undoubtedly a good choice.

Yes! All fireworks lighters in this collection are refillable. This way you can continue to use them, making them an extra good purchase!

This is of course very difficult to give a precise lifespan. If the burner is used properly according to the instructions, you do not have to worry and the burner can certainly last 3-5 years. And in most cases even longer.

Butane gas of 45PSI.

For our lighters, it is best to order our Atomic lighter gas for the best performance. This has the right pressure and therefore your lighter will not refuse.

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The benefits of PyroProducts

We can now come up with numerous advantages to persuade you to order from us. But ultimately we think that appearance is enough. We stand for 100% customer satisfaction, quality and you can always count on very fast delivery throughout Europe. You will always receive a quality guarantee when purchasing our product. Our customer service is also always available for specific questions about our range, delivery times or other issues.

When putting together our collection of lighters, we paid attention to quality and reliability. Our lighters are always of very high quality . This way you don't have to worry about your gas lighter failing when you need it most.

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