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  • 5x Atomic Butaangas 18ML

    5x Atomic Butaangas 18ML5x Atomic Butaangas 18ML
  • Atomic Butaangas 400ML

    Atomic Butaangas 400ML
  • 4x Atomic Butaangas 400ML

    4x Atomic Butaangas 400ML

For refillable lighters

Buy butane gas?

Butane gas bottles are not only useful for larger applications such as cooking and heating, but are also often used for filling lighters . These small, portable bottles contain compressed butane gas, a highly flammable gas that is ideal for starting fires.

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Butane gas and propane gas differ mainly in their boiling points. Butane gas has a boiling point of -1°C, while propane gas has a boiling point of -42°C. This means that butane gas liquefies at higher temperatures than propane gas, which is relevant to their applications.

In addition to the difference in boiling points, both gases have different properties that affect their use. Butane gas is commonly used in portable devices such as cigarette lighters . Propane gas is often used for larger applications such as heating systems.

Small amounts of butane gas can be potentially dangerous if not handled properly. Although the risks from small quantities are less than those from larger quantities, they can still lead to fire, explosion or poisoning if accidentally released into a confined area.

Therefore, it is important to always exercise caution when handling, storing and using butane gas, regardless of the amount. Following safety instructions and taking appropriate precautions is essential to prevent accidents.

Butane gas is generally cheaper than propane gas and is known for its higher heat of combustion. This makes it attractive for situations where a more powerful energy source is desired. However, it is important to note that the prices of both gases can vary depending on factors such as location, season and market conditions. It is wise to compare prices and base your choice on your specific needs and circumstances.

Determining the best gas between propane and butane depends on the specific application and conditions in which the gas is used. Propane has a higher energy density and works well at lower temperatures, making it more suitable for outdoor applications. On the other hand, butane is generally cheaper and better suited for indoor use due to its lower boiling point. The choice between propane and butane is therefore determined by the needs and circumstances of the user.

Lighters usually use butane gas as fuel. Butane gas is popular because of its high energy density and relative safety. It provides a reliable and controllable flame that is suitable for lighting various materials, such as cigarettes, candles and stoves.

Thoroughly tested gas

We currently only offer the Atomic brand in the Lighter Gas segment on our webshop. This is because we have thoroughly tested Atomic on many lighters. Atomic performed by far the best compared to other brands. Because of the high quality of this lighter gas, you are always provided with good butane ignition.

The benefits of PyroProducts

We can now come up with numerous advantages to persuade you to order from us. But ultimately we think that appearance is enough. We stand for 100% customer satisfaction, quality and you can always count on very fast delivery throughout Europe. You will always receive a quality guarantee when purchasing our product. Our customer service is also always available for specific questions about our range, delivery times or other issues.

When putting together our products, we paid attention to quality and reliability. Our lighters are always of very high quality. This way you don't have to worry about your product failing when you need it most.