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What is a wind lighter?

A wind lighter works on butane gas and has a specially designed flame that is resistant to wind. This keeps the flame stable and makes it possible to still light materials safely and efficiently in strong winds.

Types of wind lighters

Torch lighter

This type of wind lighter has a single or multiple blue flames that are resistant to wind. They are ideal for lighting candles, cigars and other flammable materials outdoors.

Electronic lighter

Wind-resistant electronic lighters work on the basis of an electric spark and are not affected by wind because they do not have a flame that can blow out.

Plasma lighter

Plasma lighters produce an electric arc that is wind resistant. They require no fuel and are rechargeable via USB.

Tips for using a wind lighter

Keep it safe

Store your wind lighter in a safe area, out of the reach of children and away from direct heat.

Refill regularly

Make sure you regularly refill your wind lighter's fuel to maintain optimal performance.

Check the flame height

If possible, adjust the flame height according to your needs so that you can use the lighter for different situations.

The best wind lighters

On our category page for wind lighters you will find an extensive range of wind-resistant lighters that are perfect for outdoor use. Whether you plan on camping, picnicking or simply need a reliable lighter for windy conditions, our selection has the solution for your needs.

Refillability and environmental friendliness

Consider the environmental friendliness and cost-saving benefits of a refillable wind lighter. So you can use the lighter repeatedly without having to buy a new one each time. This contributes to a sustainable and ecologically responsible choice.