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Frequently asked questions about lighters

Lighters are very useful, and we are happy that they are part of our lives nowadays. However, due to the different models and brands, there are still often questions about lighters. In this blog article we will take you through all the questions of the moment. Find the answer to your question here!

How long does a lighter last?

Differs per type and brand. Gas lighters and electric lighters are refillable and have a longer lifespan. Average lighters can be used approximately 1500-3000 times. 


What age to buy a lighter?

Legally, there is no minimum age for the sale of lighters. Your local store may have its own rules for this. This means they can refuse the sale of tobacco-related items such as lighters. There are also no age rules online.


What is a storm lighter?

A storm lighter can be recognized by a powerful blue flame. It is a lighter that, thanks to the filling of special butane, a flammable gas, creates an intensely hot flame of up to 1300 degrees Celsius. The gas is under high pressure and is therefore not easy to blow out. Hence the name storm lighter.


Lighter wick or lighter safer?

When lighting fireworks, always make sure that you follow the official instructions for use of the item in question. A light fuse has been found to be safer because there is no flame. But only a glowing head. 

Are there special fireworks lighters?

No, there are no special fireworks lighters. However, there are a number of lighters in our range that are very suitable on days when fireworks are allowed. These are storm lighters, suitable for weather and wind.

How many degrees is a lighter?

The temperature of a lighter's flame varies depending on the type of gas and lighter type. Most lighters have a flame with a temperature between 1200 and 1300 degrees.

Where do I buy gas for a lighter?

When most people think of gas filling, they immediately think of the action. First you have to know which gas you need. Most lighters use propane, methyl propane and butane. In our catalog you will find the perfect gas filling for every lighter, especially for storm lighters! 

What is a windproof lighter?

A windproof lighter, also called a storm lighter. Is a lighter that is suitable for strong winds due to its powerful butane flame of 1300 degrees. 

What is a refillable lighter?

You can refill these lighters with liquid. A refillable lighter can be recognized by a gas valve on the bottom of the lighter. A refillable lighter therefore lasts much longer. 

Lighters child-friendly?

It is always advisable to keep lighters out of the reach of children. Lighters are highly flammable and small in size and children quickly see them as a toy. Although many lighters have a lock button, lighters are not child-friendly. 


How do I adjust the flame of a lighter?

This varies per type of lighter. There are actually 2 options for adjusting the flame. Or your lighter has a flat disc that you can push from left (-) to right (+) to adjust the flame. Sometimes there is a circle at the bottom with a ring that you can turn from (-) to (+). 

What is a plasma (electric) lighter?

A plasma lighter, also called an electric lighter, is a lighter that does not work on liquid gases but on electricity. Plasma lighters are rechargeable using a USB cable. 

In physics, plasma is defined as a phase in which the particles of a gaseous substance are somewhat ionized . Plasma is often referred to as the fourth aggregation state, in addition to solid, liquid and gas (the fifth aggregation state is also referred to as the Bose-Einstein condensate). source: Plasma (aggregate state) - Wikipedia


How expensive is a lighter?

An average BIC lighter starts from €1.89 from current to luxury lighter models from around €25. The cheapest storm lighter in our webshop is €4.95.


How do you know if a lighter is full?

Most lighters have a window where you can see how much gas is left in the lighter. If this is not the case, you can feel whether there is still gas in your lighter by shaking it slightly. If you are still in doubt, you can always simply refill it according to the correct steps. Filling gas lighter | (video)



We hope that in this blog we have been able to provide you with as many answers as possible to the most frequently asked questions about lighters. We will continue to update this blog with questions and answers. If you have any questions, please send a message to our customer service!



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