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Top 5 special lighters

A lighter, that little tool we often take for granted, can actually encompass a whole world of functionality and style. Whether you now want to light candles without burning your fingers, want to open a beer without looking for an opener, or just want a cool gadget, there are lighters that are more than just a lighter. Here are the top 5 specialty lighters you absolutely need to know about:

1. Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter
Of Tobaliq Black Turbo lighter tops our list for its smart design. With an elongated shape, this lighter not only provides a powerful flame, but also eliminates the discomfort of burning fingers. Perfect for lighting candles without any worries.

2. Prof Party Lighter

Of Prof Party Lighter is a party essential. With a built-in beer opener at the bottom, this lighter is your ideal companion for any party or in the kitchen. No more searching for that lost bottle opener.


3. Champ High Quattro Lighter

For those who love luxury, the Champ High Quattro a perfect choice. With its 4 butane flames, this lighter not only looks stylish, but also offers... rapid ignition for stoves, fireplaces and even barbecues.


4. Champ Dual Lighter 3D Skull

Of Champ Dual Lighter with a 3D printed skull on the front is an attention grabber. Tough and stylish, with 2 flames that hold up even in the wind. This lighter is perfect for those who love a bit of rock 'n roll.


5. Prof Jet Lighter

Of Prof Jet lighter is a compact companion that you can take anywhere. With a powerful storm flame that won't go out, even in the wind, this lighter is ideal for outdoor adventurers and smokers.


Whether you're looking for functionality, style or just a unique tool, these top 5 specialty lighters offer a great addition for everyone. All lighters in our range are sold in multiple colors. See which color you like best for each lighter. 

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  • Prof Jet Lighter

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  • Prof Mini Lighter

    Normal price $8.00 USD
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  • Prof Turbo Lighter

    Normal price $8.00 USD
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  • Prof Party Lighter

    Normal price $8.00 USD
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