Regels over viscolont in Nederland

Rules about fishcolont in the Netherlands

We are often asked whether buying visco wick is prohibited? Whether you can own it and what the online supply of visco-wick is like. In this blog post we will provide all the answers to your questions. 

Current situation

It was often on the news at the end of 2022. The police who visited buyers and sellers of the infamous viscose wick. It caused a lot of confusion about the rules for the purchase and sale of the green viscose wick. 

There are no clear rules (yet). However, the fuse of fireworks is already installed in the product from the factory, and is considered by the police as a purchase forextend and adjust fireworks. Sending or receiving by post is prohibited. Because this article is considered a prohibited article (for private individuals), the possession of visco wick is of course also not permitted.

If you were previously not aware of these rules, please do not hesitate to contact us. from the police to hand in the fuse to prevent further problems.


What is viscous wick?

As briefly described above, the visco fuse is the piece of (green) fuse that is connected to the (consumer) fireworks. Also called the ignition fuse. The fuse is almost always green in color but can also have a red color. The fuse has an ignition speed of 1 centimeter per second.

Visco fuse is sometimes also subnamed as: safety fuse or delay fuse. However, these are not official terms and extending fireworks fuses cannot necessarily be called safer. 

Can viscous wick be sold online?

Visco wick may not be sold to consumers and may not be sent or received by post. This makes selling viscous wick online illegal. Since the end of 2022, the police have also been actively looking for buyers and sellers of the green viscose wick. 

A new fireworks decree came into effect on October 17, 2016. This new law describes the following:

Article 4 fireworks

1 - It is prohibited to offer pyrotechnic articles belonging to category P1 to the general public, except when pyrotechnic articles for vehicles are built into a vehicle or into a removable vehicle part.

2 - It is prohibited to sell or otherwise make available pyrotechnic articles belonging to category P1 to consumers under the age of 18.

In addition, selling or buying the visco wick is prohibited if this is done to private individuals who do not have official papers as a professional practitioner of pyrotechnics.

Conclusion rules about viscolont

Buying, owning, sending and receiving visco-wick is not permitted in the Netherlands. If you bought this fuse and did not know that it was punishable, the police are calling on you to hand in the fuse to prevent further problems. 

There is no legal alternative to visco-wick. However, as a lighter webshop we always recommend using the fireworks products in their original condition and according to the instructions for use. For extra safety, you can always buy a long lighter to increase the distance between the fireworks.  


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