Mag een aansteker mee in het vliegtuig?

Can a lighter be taken on a plane?

It is a frequently asked question among travelers: "Can I take a lighter on the plane?" The answer is not as simple as yes or no. Rules and regulations vary by airline and country, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the applicable guidelines before boarding. In this blog post, we'll explore everything you need to know about taking a lighter on a plane, including tips for a hassle-free trip.

What do the rules say about lighters?

Research the rules and regulations of the airline you are flying with and also check the regulations of the country of your destination. In general, regular lighters ( butane , gasoline, or electric) are usually allowed in your carry-on luggage, but not in your checked luggage for security reasons. Most airlines have a rule that you can take a maximum of 1 lighter on board. 

Types of lighters

There are different types of lighters, and each can be handled differently. Butane lighters are generally allowed in hand luggage, while gasoline lighters are often not allowed. Electric lighters without a flame can usually also be taken with you.

Liquid restrictions

Please note that there are restrictions on carrying liquids in your hand luggage. Butane lighters contain a small amount of fuel, which can be considered a liquid. Therefore, check the specific rules for liquids in hand luggage.

Extra precautions

To avoid any problems, you can turn the flame adjustment on your lighter all the way down to prevent it from accidentally turning on during flight. It is also advisable to protect your lighter from damage during flight by, for example, keeping it in a small box or case.

Lighter in checked luggage

As mentioned earlier, carrying lighters in checked baggage is usually not allowed for safety reasons. The aircraft's pressurized cabin can compress the fuel in the lighter, increasing the risk of leakage or ignition. It is therefore very important to keep your lighter in your hand luggage, and even better to carry the lighter with you to avoid possible complications. 


Taking a lighter on an airplane requires some preparation and compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Always check airline and destination country guidelines before boarding. Choose the right lighter that complies with the regulations and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and worry-free journey. By being aware of the regulations and traveling responsibly with your lighter, you can enjoy a pleasant flight without unnecessary problems.


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