Hoe steek je een BBQ goed aan?

How do you light a BBQ properly?

A fire starter is a handy tool to light your BBQ quickly and efficiently. With this step-by-step guide we will show you how to light your BBQ using a fire starter. Follow these simple steps and you'll be enjoying delicious grilled food in no time.

Step-by-step plan for lighting a BBQ:

Choose the right place for your BBQ:

Make sure you place your BBQ in a suitable location. This must be a flat surface, preferably outside and at a sufficient distance from flammable materials and in a well-ventilated environment.

Prepare your BBQ:

Clean your BBQ and remove any ash residue from previous sessions. Check that the vents are open so that there is sufficient airflow. 

Gather your supplies:

Make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. This includes a fire starter, charcoal or briquettes, firelighters and possibly a long lighter.

stappenplan bbq aansteken 

Place the charcoal or briquettes in the fire starter:

Take a bag of charcoal or briquettes and pour the contents into the fire starter. Make sure you never fill the fire starter higher than the rim as this can restrict airflow and make lighting difficult.

fire starter vullen met briketten

Place firelighters and ignite them:

Place a number of firelighters in a pile in the middle. Then light the firelighters on the coal grate with a lighter and let the fire get going.

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Place the fire starter on top of the burning firelighters:

Place the fire starter on top of the burning firelighters. Make sure there is sufficient contact between the flames and the fire starter so that the fire can spread quickly.

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Let the fire starter do its work:

Let the fire starter do its work and give the flames time to ignite the charcoal or briquettes. This can take about 30 minutes, until the flames rise above the charcoal or briquettes and the coals turn white.

fire starter aansteken

Spread the charcoal or briquettes over your BBQ grill:

As soon as the charcoal or briquettes are burning well, you can pick up the fire starter, preferably with heat-resistant gloves. Then carefully distribute the coals over the grill or in the coal baskets. Place the hot fire starter in a safe place away from children or animals.

bbq kolen verdeel bakjes

Place the grill rack above the coals and let it preheat for 15 minutes:

Place the grill rack above the hot coals and let it preheat for about 15 minutes. To prevent sticking, you can lightly grease the grill rack with oil.

Start grilling:

Now you're ready to start grilling! Place your food on the preheated grill rack and enjoy the delicious grilled result. 

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With a fire starter, lighting your BBQ has become a simple job. Just follow the steps above and you're ready to grill! Remember to always take the necessary safety precautions and enjoy cooking outdoors.

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