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The best storm lighters

A common problem that many smokers or fireworks fanatics experience is that your lighter quickly breaks or is extinguished by the wind before you can light the desired object.

What is a storm lighter?

A storm lighter is resistant to wind and rain and is therefore worth investing in. They come in a wide variety of designs. But they all have the same goal: to be functional, even when the weather is uncomfortable. Their flame is very strong and cannot be smothered so quickly. In this article we list the top 5 storm lighters for you! 

 The best storm lighters at a glance

5. Prof Jet Lighter

This small lighter has all the advantages you can have, it has a strong flame, is small in size, lasts a long time and is ideal for daily use. And all these advantages together make it very popular. Click here to order it


4. Prof Turbo Lighter

This is our Professional Turbo Lighter. Due to its somewhat larger size and especially the curved head, it is very popular as a home and kitchen lighter. It has a large gas reservoir so you don't have to fill it often. Click here to order it

De beste stormaansteker champ skull

3. Champ Dual Lighter 3D Skull

Our Champ Dual Lighter 3D Skull is the first lighter in our webshop with a 3D printed design on the front. The lighter feels very sturdy and has 2 strong butane flames suitable for weather and wind. Click here to order it 


2. Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter

The Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter. This elongated lighter is also a popular home and kitchen lighter, but certainly very popular as a fireworks lighter! With its sturdy elongated design it goes everywhere and is easy to use. Click here to order it

1. Champ Quattro Lighter

The number 1 best storm lighter in terms of popularity and features is the Champ Quattro Lighter. This lighter is really a must have with its very good price/quality ratio. Use it as a kitchen burner, fireworks lighter or for the BBQ. Click here to order it

This was our Top 5 Best Storm Lighters. If you are interested in all lighters, be sure to take a look at our range here to click. 


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  • Prof Jet Lighter

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  • Prof Mini Lighter

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  • Prof Turbo Lighter

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  • Prof Party Lighter

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