De 5 beste sigarenaanstekers

The 5 best cigar lighters

Welcome to our blog post where we present the top 5 cigar lighters from our own range. Whether you are a passionate cigar lover or looking for a unique and functional lighter, we have made a selection that will meet all your needs. Read on and discover the features and benefits of our Champ Quattro, Silver Match Quattro, Prof Party, Champ High Booster and Champ Dual lighter.

  1. Champ Quattro Lighter: Four Flames, Maximum Performance

The Champ Quattro Lighter is the perfect companion for the discerning cigar smoker. With its four flames, this lighter offers a powerful and even ignition, allowing you to light your cigars quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the ultimate firepower with the Champ Quattro Lighter. click here for more.


  1. Silver Match Quattro Lighter: Stylish and Multifunctional

The Silver Match Quattro Lighter combines style and functionality in one. With its four flames, this lighter offers a powerful ignition, while the built-in cigar punch on the lighter provides ultimate convenience. With one handy tool you have everything you need to enjoy your cigars wherever you are. click here for more.


  1. Silver Match Deluxe: Fire and Refreshment in one

The Silver Match Deluxe is the ideal lighter for every cigar smoker. With its powerful flame and handy cigar punch on the bottom, you have everything you need to light your cigar. A multifunctional lighter suitable for cigar smoking. click here for more.


  1. Champ High Booster Lighter: Powerful Flame for Every Occasion

The Champ High Booster is not only perfect for lighting cigars, but also for lighting candles and wood stoves. With its powerful flame, this lighter offers maximum performance and versatility. This lighter is always ready for you. click here for more.


  1. Champ Dual Lighter 3D Skull: Cool Design, Strong Flame

For those who love a cool and unique design, the Champ Dual Lighter 3D Skull is the ultimate choice. With its striking 3D skull design and powerful flame, this lighter is a real eye-catcher. Enjoy the perfect combination of style and functionality with this great lighter. click here for more.

Why choose a blue flame lighter instead of a yellow flame?

The answer is simple: precision and reliability. Blue flames are hotter and more intense than yellow flames, providing more efficient ignition for your cigars. This results in even combustion and an optimal taste experience . Additionally, blue flame lighters are usually wind resistant , making them perfect for outdoor use, even on windy days.

Order your favorite cigar lighter now and enjoy the perfect flame that takes your cigar moments to the next level. Our lighters not only offer quality and performance, but also a stylish addition to your smoking experience. Enrich your enjoyment with the best cigar lighter that suits you. Don't wait any longer, order today and make every cigar an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned to our blog and website for more exciting updates, tips and recommendations to take your cigar experience to new heights. Let us be your trusted source for the best cigar lighters and continue to enjoy the finesse and elegance of cigar smoking.

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