De 5 beste BBQ aanstekers

The 5 best BBQ lighters

Spring is just around the corner and that means the sun will shine more, the temperature will rise and the sun will set later and later. Every reason to get the barbecue out of the cupboard again soon. In this blog post we discuss 5 lighters that are best suited as BBQ lighters.

Composition of the best BBQ lighters:

1. Champ High Quattro Lighter 

The absolute BBQ highlight is the Champ High Quattro Lighter. A super cool lighter with no less than 4 flames of 1300 degrees. You will have your barbecue on in no time. You can also let it burn with the lock position. click here


2. Eurojet Quattro Aansteker

Actually, we have the Eurojet Quattro Lighter in almost shared 1st place. This super robust stainless steel lighter also has 4 flames of no less than 1300 degrees. Very popular for the BBQ because it performs extremely well. click here


3. Champ Quattro Lighter

 The little brother of the other Champ Lighter is this Champ Quattro Lighter. This also has 4 flames of 1300 degrees and is slightly smaller than the other type. click here


4. Champ High Booster Lighter

A somewhat newer type of the Champ line is the Champ High Booster Lighter. This lighter has a very nice grip. With 2 flames of 1300 degrees and fits easily in your pocket or kitchen drawer! click here


Tobaliq Black Turbo hand

5. Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter

Arriving at number 5, the Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter. An ideal lighter that can be easily combined indoors and outdoors. Perfect for candles and the barbecue thanks to the long shape. click here


With one of these lighters you can be sure that you will not have any problems lighting your barbecue. All lighters have a gas control knob with which the height of the flame can be adjusted. They are also suitable for weather and wind.

Lots of choice of lighters

Our range consists of much more, for example we also have discount packages. This way you don't have to choose which lighters you want, we have selected the best ones for you! View discount packages

If you have any questions about certain products, you are free to send customer service a message. We are ready to answer your questions every day! 

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