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  • Champ Quattro

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  • Champ High Quattro

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  • Silver Match Quattro

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  • Eurojet Quattro

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Four flames

4 flame lighters are special lighters equipped with four flames instead of one. The multiple flames provide faster and more even combustion, making them ideal for lighting larger areas or for use in windy conditions.

Advantages of four flame lighters

Strong and fast ignition

The four flames ensure powerful and quick ignition, which is useful when lighting cigars, candles and fireplaces, for example.

Even combustion

Thanks to the simultaneous flames, the heat is evenly distributed, resulting in even combustion of the surface.

Wind resistance

The four flames can better withstand windy conditions, making these lighters perfectly usable outdoors.

Types of lighters with 4 flames

Cozy Quattro lighter

This lighter has four powerful blue flames and is ideal for lighting cigars and other larger surfaces.

Champ Quattro Lighter

This type of lighter has four flames and a sturdy base, making it perfect for lighting candles and fireplaces.

Silver Match lighter

This lighter is specially designed for outdoor activities and has a sturdy housing to protect the flames from the wind.

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Discover our selection of 4 flame lighters and experience the power and convenience of these innovative designs. Whether you want to light a cigar, candle or fireplace, our 4 flame lighters are the solution.