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  • PyroProducts Wood Splitter

    Houtklover kopenHoutklover inclusief hamer
  • Atomic Metal

    Atomic Metal AanstekerAtomic Metal Aansteker zij
  • Zippo Jet Lighter

    Zippo Jet LighterZippo Jet Lighter
  • Champ High Metal

    Champ High Metal aanstekerChamp High Metal aansteker 3 kleuren
  • Champ High Extreme

    Champ High Extreme Champ High Extreme doos
  • Silver Match Deluxe

    Silver Match DeluxeSilver Match Deluxe
  • 5x Prof Slidecap

    Prof wegwerpaansteker 5xProf wegwerpaansteker 5x kleuren
  • Champ High Booster

    Champ High BoosterChamp High Booster 3 kleuren
  • Atomic Butaangas 400ML

    Atomic Butaangas 400ML
  • Eurojet Quattro

    Eurojet Quattro AanstekerEurojet Quattro Aansteker zij
  • Atomic Tankboy

    Atomic Tankboy - PyroProductsAtomic Tankboy klepje dicht
  • Atomic Dual

    Atomic dual aanstekerAtomic dual aansteker 5 kleuren

Latest products

At PyroProducts we are passionate about bringing the latest and most innovative lighters to our customers. Our latest products page is a source of excitement and surprises, where you can discover the latest additions to our range.

Constant innovation

We believe in continuous innovation and always strive to have the best range of lighters. Whether it's the latest technologies, trendy designs or enhanced performance, we're committed to bringing you the very best.

On our latest products page you will find a wide range of lighters that have been carefully selected and tested. Whether you are looking for a powerful jet flame lighter, a stylish gas lighter with blue flame or a modern plasma lighter, you will find it all here.

Passion for lighters

Our passion for quality and innovation motivates us to continually add new and exciting products to our range. We want to offer you the best lighters that perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle

Stay informed of our latest arrivals and discover the latest trends and technologies in the field of lighters. We are proud of our growing range and we are confident that you will find something special on our latest products page.

Come back regularly to discover our ever-changing range and enjoy the best lighters the market has to offer. At PyroProducts we continue to innovate, so that you can always get the best.