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  • Tobaliq Black Turbo

    Tobaliq Black TurboTobaliq Black Turbo
  • Champ Quattro

    Champ QuattroChamp Quattro
  • Champ High Quattro

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  • Atomic Metal

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  • Champ High Metal

    Champ High MetalChamp High Metal
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Want to buy a long lighter?

Buying a long lighter can be useful. Whether you want to light candles or hard-to-reach places such as near the wood stove, a long lighter offers a solution.

Advantages of long lighters

Long lighters have several advantages. Firstly, they provide more safety because there is a greater distance between the flame and the hand. This significantly reduces the risk of burns.

Length of the lighter

In addition, long lighters are also easy to use. The length of the lighter makes it easier to light candles, fireworks or other objects from a distance. This makes using long lighters very useful in different situations.

Refillable lighter

Another advantage is the reusability of our long lighters. They are refillable, meaning they can be used multiple times and are not disposable.

Wind resistance

The lighters are also wind-resistant. This makes it easier to light a fire in windy conditions because the flame is better protected from the wind. This makes long lighters ideal for outdoor use, for example when camping or lighting barbecues.

In short, the advantages of long lighters are clear: they ensure safety, convenience, reusability and wind resistance.

Different types of long lighters

There are several types of long lighters available on the market, each with their own specific properties and applications.

Tobaliq Lighter

The Tobaliq black turbo lighter is a popular choice for people who want to light candles and their wood stove. With its elongated shape and powerful flame, this long variant is ideal for safely igniting these objects.

Champ Lighter

Another option is the Champ Quattro lighter, which also has a large and elongated shape, but is wider than the Tobaliq black turbo lighter. This wider lighter is more suitable for lighting the barbecue and fireworks. The Champ High Quattro lighter offers similar functionality to the Champ Quattro, which can make it an attractive choice for those looking for a slightly different design or brand.

Prof lighter

Finally, we have the Prof Party lighter, which is suitable for all purposes and even has a handy beer opener at the bottom. This versatile lighter combines functionality with ease of use, making it a favorite among party goers and people who like to have a drink while lighting their candles or barbecuing.

Give a lighter as a gift

Moreover, long lighters can also serve as gifts. They are practical and can be used in a variety of situations, making them a versatile and useful gift. In short, long lighters are useful not only for lighting candles, stoves and barbecues, but also for gas stoves and can even act as a suitable gift.

Safety with long lighters

Safety when using long lighters is of great importance. It is essential to keep the lighter out of the reach of children to avoid accidents.

Child attractive lighters

Children are often curious and may accidentally use the lighter, which can lead to dangerous situations. So make sure the lighters are well hidden in the cupboard.

Avoid heat sources

Furthermore, it is advisable to keep the long lighter in a safe place, away from heat sources and flammable materials. This prevents the lighter from being unintentionally exposed to high temperatures or coming into contact with flammable substances, which can cause a fire hazard. By observing these safety measures, the use of long lighters can be done in a responsible and safe manner.