Top 5 fireplace / wood stove lighters

The wood stove is a perfect solution, allowing us not only to bring coziness and warmth into our home, but also to reduce our energy costs. But to light that cozy fire, you obviously need a reliable lighter. In this top 5 list we present the most robust and best lighters that will help you take your fire experience to the next level.

Top 5 Best Lighters for the Stove:

1. Eurojet Quattro Aansteker 

The Eurojet Quattro is one of the most robust lighters we have in our range! Very popular for the stove and the barbecue. This lighter has a sturdy handle and has 4 flames of 1300 degrees. This makes it extremely suitable.

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2. Champ High Quattro Lighter

This is one of our most popular lighters, this lighter also produces 4 enormous flames of no less than 1300 degrees. You can adjust it higher and lower with the gas control and it has a safety button.

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3. Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter 

This Tobaliq lighter is a completely different version of the numbers 1 and 2 that you have seen. For a smaller price you will receive a lighter in an elongated shape with 1 flame. In addition to being suitable for your wood stove, this is also extremely useful as a lighter for your candles !

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4. Champ Quattro Lighter

The Champ Quattro lighter is another one for your wish list. For a slightly lower price it is still equipped with 4 flames of 1300 degrees, which makes it very good for lighting. It is also a bit smaller, making it easier to store.

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5. Champ High Extreme

When we talk about good additions to your wood stove accessories, the Champ Extreme is a 10/10. With this lighter you can light both your stove and your BBQ . An all-in-one.

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These are our top 5 lighters for the wood stove! All products in our range have a 30-day quality guarantee. So you don't have to worry about it being disappointing. You will be amazed at the addition you get with our burners. 

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