PyroProducts 1 jaar

PyroProducts exists 1 year!

One year ago on October 23, 2021 at 12:00, our web store opened together with a live broadcast on DasMikki - Fireworks. When we opened, our webshop was flooded with visitors and the first lighters flew out the door. So fast that within 2 days the entire stock was sold out. And there we knew for sure... the PYROs are really looking for the thickest lighters!

Now we are exactly one year later and we already have many of you through our webshop but also through may make you happy with beautiful lighters. We want to thank everyone for the past year. PyroProducts has been taken to an unprecedented level for the first year and that while we are still in full development to more. 

In the coming years we will do everything we can to improve the Pyro experience with new products and excellent service from us. A Pyro is a real king with us and that is why good service to you is our number 1 priority. 

We very much appreciate the feedback you have given us to further develop PyroProducts. Today there are still obstacles and points for improvement... we note these again and again and we investigate them in order to improve them immediately as soon as possible. 

Long story short...

Dear Pyros, thank you so much for the past year. There is still a beautiful Pyro Season ahead of us of 2 months full of fire & work! Enjoy these months and we hope to see your names on our packages again soon!